The Business Coaching Process & Costs

The Business Coaching programme will be discussed in the FREE FIRST session to establish the most effective methods /modules to apply .

We offer a 100 % GUARANTEE... if a client does not make significant progress during a session NO FEES will be charged for that Coaching Session.

We want clients to get started with NO FEAR of financial loss . We know the process works & just want you to experience the power of the process.Fees are charged at        Rands 500 , Euro 50 , Pounds 45 or  US $ 65  per Session .  A session is a minimum of 1 hour .If groups want to participate the Rate per hour remains the same ,which can make it more cost effective for the clients. (eg R 500 / 5 clients = R 100 each )


Price Structure




Group 5

















The Business Coaching Modules :

Some of the modules are listed below :

Analysis of NOW         Enables us to indentify the current challenges & opportunities

Big Vision for the future        Dream / Brain storming  where  constraints are cast aside and we have  some FUN . 

Business Goal Setting          Establish a clear FOCUS on what wants to be achieved in the next 12 months

Resources & Milestones      Planning & Actions necessary to achieve the Goals.

Beliefs        Breaking down negative or limiting beliefs & rebuilding the positive

Values         Clarity on what is important to ensure ultimate success

Rules            Improve communication & agree the business standards

Responsibility        The art of delegation & growth

6 Human Needs       Understand the needs of the people

Questions                Ensure we ask ourselves & each other the best questions for progress

The Process

The sessions are in person or via the Internet using Skype or Webinars .Worksheets are completed before each meeting .This is where tremendous growth & inspiration takes place.When the coaching tools learnt in the sessions are applied in a practical way , the clients feel very empowered & energised ! This is a very practical & effective programme .When the Coaching Tools & Techniques are understood they can be applied over & over again.

Coaching Sessions required will be determined by the Coach & client . Sometimes only 1 or 2 sessions are enough ,sometimes the full programme.  Business Coaching programmes can be very stuctured or more free flowing depending on the clients requirements.

Contact Mike Bond  for more information :

fill in contact form , wapp +27 729648063 or  skype  mike.bond2




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